Intelli-Sleep™ is the new therapeutic Sleep System that helps to relieve back pain and neck aches, providing a comfortable and relaxed feeling of weightlessness, as the unique material contours to the natural shape of the body.


The Computerised Mapping System (CMS) Test
A scientific test measuring support was made on an ultra thin mat with 1040 discrete sensing points.

The green points on the Intelli-Sleep™ mattress indicated more green support points as compared to the red pressure points on conventional mattresses.

touch-test Intelli-Sleep™ is heat sensitive, contracting in all the right contours for gentle support.
health-test Patented material is treated with environmentally-friendly anti-dust mite, anti-bacteria, anti-fungi compound for superior protection and care. durability-test Unique contouring and highly durable compound automatically goes back to its original shape after use.